Realty is an amazing theme, but as your business evolves and you outgrow it, or for whatever reason you switch themes or develop your own solution, the one thing you don’t want to happen is for your entire property data to disappear from one moment to the next, when you switch. Sadly that is exactly what happens 99.9% of the time, with other themes.

We have thought a bit further

Rest assured when you are building your real estate website with Realty聽all your property data will still be available when you switch themes, not buried somewhere deep in your database, but still right there, where it was before, just a click away in your WordPress admin area.

All custom post types and taxonomies are bundled in a plugin, that comes with Realty. And as we utilize the amazing Advanced Custom Fields Pro to give you the best custom fields experience possible, all this data is also safely tucked away in a plugin.

As you start building your site this won’t matter to you very much. But when you actually change your mind about the theme of your choice (it will happen, and it’s ok), you have alreaedy entered hundreds or thousands of properties to your site. Those you would have to manually enter all over again by hand with any other theme, you can’t help but smile, that you have chosen Realty 馃槈

You are the guardian of your own data

芦If you choose a theme that locks you in, you are the one who will suffer the inconvenience of trying to transfer data when you change to a new theme. Before installing a new theme, whether its free or commercial, ask yourself if you鈥檒l be able to take all of your data with you, if and when you decide to stop using that theme. If the theme advertises dozens of capabilities, examine each of them to make sure that they don鈥檛 tie you down.禄Sarah Gooding